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As part of our commitment to drivers and clients alike we provide ongoing periodic training. All our training programmes count towards the driver's mandatory 35 hours' training for their CPC. The benefits of CPC training are already being seen across the logistics and transport sector. Recent research has shown that CPC works for both businesses and drivers alike. Improved driver skills lead 89% of employers to believe that an increased economic awareness in their driver workforce will in turn lead to cost savings in terms of fuel and vehicle wear and tear, and 87% see a potential benefit in improved road safety.

Master Driver CPC - Five 7-hour core modules.

At the heart of our CPC training is our Master Driver course. A series of five, seven-hour modules cover all of the mandatory requirements. We are able to offer each of our drivers 35 hours JAUPT-approved training on our Master Driver CPC training course

  • Module 1 - Drivers' hours and tachograph training
  • Module 2 - Safe vehicle operations and loading
  • Module 3 - Safe economic driving
  • Module 4 - Health and safety in transport operations
  • Module 5 - Safe, efficient and secure transport operations