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We are committed to the creation of a compliant and professional workforce and driver training is key to the achievement of this. Driving Plus has a dedicated training division where Driving Standards Agency-approved instructors provide a range of training courses including our flexible and effective Master Driver CPC. Our courses are approved by the Joint Approvals Unit for Periodic Testing (JAUPT) and count towards the LGV Drivers Certificate of Professional Competence (CPC).

In 2016 our training team became accredited to deliver Smith System practical safety training, a course in the principles of safe driving and spatial awareness utilising the Smith System on-road, hands-on safety education techniques. By training all our drivers in the Smith System we turn unsafe drivers into good drivers and good drivers into better driver.

For more information on Smith System training view this short video.

Improved miles per gallon and reduced carbon emissions.

In addition to driver safety training our trainers support each of our OnSite account management teams providing driving style training to help improve fuel efficiency whilst reducing costs associated to wear and tear and carbon emissions.

Our driving style training courses are tailored to each customer's specific vehicles and telematics systems. We manage and incentivise driving style performance across the workforce and are setting new standards in driver professionalism by ensuring our workforce is kept informed of the most efficient way to drive the most modern vehicles.

Our team is skilled in the analysis of telematics data enabling them to identify areas for improvement in relation to workforce performance, driving style and infringements. We give consideration to the individual's driving style when allocating drivers to assignments.