Pie, the tech company bringing end-to-end visibility to fleet management solutions, today announced it will launch its official, digital London Lorry Route Approver (LLRA) app, next month.

The LLRA app will sync direct with Pie’s popular LLRA routing engine, currently the most up to date and comprehensive HGV routing system available.

The announcement is the first major product update from the company since it rebranded from ‘Pie Mapping’ to ‘Pie’ in March last year to reflect its wider vision of revolutionising the freight industry with a holistic solution for planning, tracking, visibility, efficiency and compliance.

The app still boasts all the features of the current cloud-based LLRA, such as generating HGV compliant routes (tailored to the vehicle size, avoiding various width, weight and height restrictions) as well as securing instant, automatic approval from local councils.

It also uses Mapbox and OpenStreetMap technology to deliver real-time, compliant routes with live traffic conditions and turn-by-turn instructions, as well as send alerts when the driver goes off a London Lorry Control Scheme (LLCS) compliant route. This eliminates the chance of a Penalty Charge Notice (PCN), an offence that can cost up to £500 for a first time, and £800 or more for a second.

Being a mobile app, it has the added benefit of empowering drivers to plan routes straight from their vehicles, rather than using the LLRA routing engine from a computer and printing off a map or directions. As well as this, its brand new ‘Live Map’ function lets users know where vehicles are at any moment in time, which is useful when co-ordinating fleets.

Pie’s 250+ customers that currently use its LLRA (including DPD, Superdrug, Next and Co-op) will be offered the new app after its release, to give them the best possible HGV planning and journey experience.