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Driving Plus is a specialist division of Staffline Group plc dedicated to the supply of high volume OnSite managed driving workforces.

We work OnSite at 37 locations with some of the UK's most prominent employers recruiting, training and managing a flexible LGV driver workforce. Our experience includes working with the major supermarkets and retailers, third party logistics providers and the automotive sector. During peak periods we find work for over 3,500 drivers every day from a pool of more than 15,000. Working OnSite ensures we become an integral part of our clients' operations and enables us to provide a compliant, reliable and value added service.

We provide an OnSite team to recruit, coordinate and manage your driver workforce. Our teams have the knowledge to supply the right people for the role as well as a proactive view of availability by time band for the week ahead to provide a convenient, productive and cost effective solution. They facilitate driver assessments, inductions, and training and will be integral to your labour planning process.

Our indepth understanding of the transport industry and our revolutionary approach is setting new standards both in terms of high service delivery and driver professionalism. We are able to work with you on issues such as the national driver shortage, and also provide driver training towards apprenticeships in driving goods vehicles. We provide a broad range of practical driver training finding improvements in the driving style of our more experienced LGV drivers. Click here to find out more about our driver training

We have developed industry-leading driver management technology which allows our workforce to access real time information from their smartphone or tablet. They have access to messaging, working time submissions and assignment details. This technology also enables us to maintain a compliant workforce that is up to date with training and other legislative requirements.

As a client, you would also have access to this technology. You can access real time billing, key performance indicators, and have full visibility of our activities and those of our drivers working for you. An online timesheet area can be linked to a range of time and attendance management systems.